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Commission Art

Commission Art

So do you have a project you would like some styling on then?
Well we start by gathering your inspiration….email through to me your juicy vision or idea – include details of what you envision….like style (mixed media or water color), rough idea of art size, theme (do you have an example of mine you can reference?), art idea (floral painting, portrait, pet portrait, live event, mural, wildlife art, nursery art, etc).
I can easily send you through an info sheet on your commission request, which will also include a rough price guide.

Please email: with your art request details.
PLEASE NOTE – details as in, information on what 
type of art piece/project you have in mind, like theme (portrait, pet portrait, nursery art….etc) and style (water colour or mixed media)….without these basic details, I can’t follow up with the correct information for you.

Art Example Imagery Further Below

When you have decided it’s a “Yay, Lets Do It!” we will discuss your ideas further, either by email, phone, skype or in person (if you are local to my Engadine/Sydney studio) – what inspires you, the art piece of mine that has caught your eye in the past, the art creation process and timeline for your piece and also how your unique art piece will fit into your space.
We will then formalise the creation with an exact estimate and info sheet, sent to your email address.  Then using your ideas I will get to painting & creating!

Please note, due to high workload commissions usually take between 6 – 12 weeks to complete (from the booked in date) & require a 30% deposit to begin.
Please also be aware that Mariam’s art retains all rights to the artwork. The collector can display the artwork in their space but it must not be reproduced for profit without the artist’s permission.

Ordering:  Upon approval of quote, theme & style by both artist & client. A final estimate contract will be sent to client with an estimated timescale of art completion (usually 6 – 12 weeks). For the commission process to begin a non refundable 30% deposit is to be paid by client.
Providing photos to work from:  If providing photos for a portrait or pet portrait – a selection of good, clear, close up photos are required. Please provide as many high quality, great photos as you can. The better the photo, the better the art!
I cannot create a portrait from blurry or low quality photos!
Materials:  I use the highest quality materials to create my original and commissioned art pieces. Materials that I source locally and globally.

“The purpose of my art is to to brighten a home in both colour and mood, to enliven its environment and draw a smile”.