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Commission A Mural

Commission A Mural


Mariam’s murals are creative, colourful immersive spaces. That will transform your plain room, restaurant or office space into an engaging, all encompassing, delightful environment!
Her murals are like a touchable dreamscape, with pops of delightful illustrations woven throughout a painterly and dynamic background.

How does the process work?
We start by gathering your inspiration…a photo of the area, your idea, your brands story, or child’s favourite colors, and an all over colour scheme.  From there, we will discuss your ideas further, either by phone, email, skype or in person. I will view the mural area by either all the fantastic photos you send through or a visit to the mural site (if time & location allows). A final estimate is sent through to you the client for approval & a 40% deposit is paid to allow for ordering of supplies and scheduling (full balance is due on the final day of completion).  Using your ideas I will create a rough sketches, following up with one detailed sketch. When we both think that sketch is fabulous, we lock in the mural dates.

Murals are usually scheduled for between 2 to 6 weeks after deposit is paid & sketch is finalised. Murals usually take 1 to 4 days for completion – this completely depends on the mural size and scope.

If you have a certain (realistic) budget for your mural, please let me know, as I will try my best to work with it.

Rough Price Guide:  Pricing starts at $100* per square meter (wall height x wall width x $100 = base price)
Minimum mural starting price is $495 + supplies.
Average mural costs between $600 to $3,000
Pricing per square meter decreases to $85 psf for extra large murals (over 27meters square).  Square meter is determined by multiplying the height x width of the painting surface.
*Price per square foot also increases to $125 per square meter if design requested is time consuming, has lots of detailed elements or if a mural assistant is brought into help. This will be indicated in your personal price quote once your mural idea and scope has been fully discussed with you.

Sketching  process:  Up to two rough sketches will be presented, with one detailed end sketch. Includes 1 sets of changes by client (Additional sketches charged at $100/sketch)

Supplies:  A supplies fee is added to each mural, for standard one to three day murals, this is a $100 to $250 fee.

Overall personal pricing / estimate includes:  Travel within Sydney Area, all materials and work to completion.
Pricing does not include:  Travel outside of Sydney area, liability insurance or wall preparation. The quote is based on an already prepped wall (i.e. cleaned, primed and with a light coloured base-coat) that the wall and working area is free of any obstacles.

More mural art in my Mural Gallery.