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I, Mariam Mushtaq Kazi, am an artist, painter, sculptor, crafter, curator, educationist, social / human rights activist, entrepreneur, and the owner and founder of Mariam’s art which is an online art shop.

My artistic journey has been an interesting one, but its still the beginning. My work and I are evolving and I hope and struggle to explore and touch new limits and horizons, it’s a constant process of my growth as an artist, as a person. 

I graduated from Karachi School of arts in the year 2013 with nascent dreams and passion in my heart and mind I got involved in teaching art and craft and doing workshops throughout the country, I got passionately involved in social human rights activism and through art I hope to reach out the hearts and spread hope and joys around the world bringing hearts and souls together.

My passion has earned me experiences working with international galleries and also with Art Dubai, while I am currently working in the capacity of a gallery manager in Dubai.